Fresh from the Sea

From the sea to your table

Quality &
freshness from the sea

Our high control standards allow us to select the best quality of sea products, which enables us to offer a large variety of sea products that will keep the freshness that our clients expect.

Menita supervises the procuring of the product and the people involved in the process which allows us to offer products committed to the environment.

Fresh from the Sea


camarón / camaron

Description. The species we offer is P. vannamei which we acquire from farms in the northeast and west of the country, like Sonora, Sinaloa, Nayarit, and Colima among others.

Mapa de camarones

Sonora, Sinaloa, Nayarit, and Colima among others in Mexico.

Camarón Crudo

Shrimp. P. Vannamei.

Size. Shrimp.

With Head
20 / 30 30 / 40 40 / 50
50 / 60 60 / 70 70 / 80
80 / 100 100 / 120

Shrimp per kilogram.

Without Head
16 / 20 21 / 25 26 / 30
31 / 35 36 / 40 41 / 50
51 / 60 61 / 70 71 / 90
91 / 110 100 / 130
Cooked Shrimp
41 / 50 51 / 60 61 / 70
71 / 90 91 / 110 100 / 200

Shrimp per pound.

Camarón Cocido

Cooked Shrimp. 10 Kg.

Empaque Camarón

Box of Shrimp. 20 Kg.

Bolsa de Camarón Cocido

Cooked Shrimp. 1 Kg. Bag

Fresh from the Sea


pulpo / poulpe

Description. POctopus (Octopus Vulgaris). Eviserated, frozen in packages from 10 kg up to 30 kg.

The catching of octopus is done in the main municipalities of the coast of the state of Yucatan.


Coast of Yucatan, Mexico.


Size. Octopus.

1 / 2 2 / 4
4 / 6 6 / 8

Weight per octopus in kilograms.

Cooked Octopus
1 / 2 2 / 4
4 / 6 6 / 8

Weight per octopus in pounds.

Value Added. As part of the products that Menita offers their clients, we have whole cooked octopus and sliced, ready to be served.

Pulpo Crudo Octopus vulgaris Caja de Pulpo

Cooked Octopus.

Fresh from the Sea


basa / poisson

Description. The basa fillet whose scientific name is pangasius hypophthalmus is a species of fresh water belonging to the family of Pangasidos.

Imported from Vietnam

Mapa de Basa

Mekong River, Vietnam.

Size. Fillet.

5 / 7 7 / 9 8 / 10

Weight per fillet in ounces.

Description. Product packed and frozen individually in boxes of 5 Kg and 10 Kg.

The fillets can be obtained in different qualities:

  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Economic

Complementary Products.

  • Slice of Basa: It is the same fish eviscerated and sliced.
  • Whole Basa: Whole fish eviscerated and clean.

Fish from 0.9 to 1.2 Kg.

Filete de Basa Caja de Filete de Basa

Basa Fillet. 10 Kg.

Rodaja de Basa Caja de Rodaja de Basa

Sliced Basa. 10 Kg.

Basa Entera Caja de Basa Entera

Whole Basa. 10 Kg.

Fresh from the Sea


Tilapia / poisson

Description. Tilapia is a fish that can reach 60 cm long and weigh up to 4 kg. It is easy to recognize because of its compressed body, its vertical lines of dark color and the lines in its tail fin.

This fish has remarkable qualities such as: accelerated growth, tolerance to a high population density, adaptation to captivity and a wide range of food, disease resistance, it has high quality white meat and wide acceptance among consumers worldwide.

Origen de la Tilapia

Zhanjiang, China.

Filete de Tilapia

Size. Tilapia.

3 / 5 5 / 7

Weight per fillet in ounces.

Whole fish
350 / 550 550 / 750

Weight per piece in grams.

Product Variants. Product packed and frozen individually in boxes of 5 Kg and 10 Kg.

Complementary Products

The fillets can be obtained in different qualities:

  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Economic
Filete de Tilapia

Tilapia Fillet. 10 lb.

Caja de Filete de Tilapia Caja de Filete de Tilapia Premium
Fresh from the Sea


salmón / saumon

Description. Atlantic Salmon is a species of Salmo Salar, grown in specialized farms where the geographical characteristics create the ideal conditions for the breeding of this species and its healthy growth.

This fish can reach 150 cm of length, has 3 to 4 spines in the dorsal fin and another 3 or 4 in the tail fin, besides numerous soft rays. It has a fusiform (spindle shaped) body, with small scales.

When living at sea, full grown salmon, have a bluish-green back with a silver coating and a few spots, and during the breeding period in fresh water, they lose the silver coating and become reddish brown or greenish with red or orange speckles.

Barras de Surimi



Size. Salmon.

Fillet Size
0.500 / 1.000 1.000 / 1.500
(1/2) (2/3)
2.000 / 2.500 1.500 / 2.000
(4/5) (3/4)

Weight per slice in Kilograms.

Product Variants.

Slices with skin vacuum packed individually, separated by polyethylene film in a carton box of 15Kg; In Trim C and D.

Diced salmon with skin, vacuum packed from 180 to 230 gr. Each package weights 10 Kg.

The fillets can be obtained in different qualities:

  • Premium
  • Standard
Caja de Salmón

Salmon Slice. 15 Kg.

Lonjas de Salmón

Diced Salmon. 10 Kg.

Fresh from the Sea


surimi / surimi

Description. Surimi is a Japanese word that refers to "minced meat", it is also known by the name of crab sticks or “mouths of sea”. These protein sticks are made of white fish meat, with flours, starches and egg whites . In some cases they also have milk; the reddish part of the crab stick or surimi is paprika.

Barras de Surimi

Dalian, China.

Size. Surimi.

Surimi Bar
14 cm.
Surimi Box
10 Kg.

Product Variants. The surimi sticks are 14 cm long packaged in 500 gr bags. The box weighs 10 Kg.

Barras de Surimi

Surimi Bars.

Cajas de Surimi

Surimi. 10 Kg.

Fresh from the Sea


mariscos / fruits de mer

Description. In Menita we have a wide range of products that are distinguished by the selection of the best fish and seafood. We always seek the highest quality and freshness:

Caja de Mariscos

  • Clam Scallops
  • Crab
  • Crab pulp
  • Mussels
  • Scallops
  • Calamari Rings
  • Tuna Steak
  • Tuna fillet
  • Smoked Tuna (Marlin) dice or shredded
  • Squid Fillet
  • Calamari tentacles
  • Chinese Snails
  • Fish
  • Seasonal seafoods