Fresh from the Sea


Fresh from the Sea

We are a proud Mexican company, with the experience and recognition that allows us to import, commercialize and distribute sea products.

The use of a direct organization in our process speeds up your access to our product, making it possible to take the freshness, quality and taste of the sea to your table.

The best natural resources available to our costumers

Our high standards of quality control allow us to select the best fish and seafood, always looking for the freshest product, through our food safety process. The effort and dedication placed throughout all internal procedure, allows us to achieve a large variety of quality products to compete in the market.


RAs a company we recognize the importance of taking care of our internal processes and our staff, making sure we create a decent work space, which complies with the human rights of our staff, to create a positive impact on the environment. Menita’s products are committed to the care of the environment, as well as to the people involved.

The best distribution of sea products

Menita has its own fleet of vehicles that abides with international standards for the delivery of perishable goods, to meet without delay the cold chain until our product gets to its final destination. We also have created strategic alliances with support companies that allow us to guarantee quality and the freshness of our products.

Quality and price balance

La búsqueda óptima de equilibrio entre calidad y precio de nuestros productos, nos ha permitido acercarnos a un servicio que cumple con los objetivos comerciales de nuestros clientes. El ser responsables y consecuentes con nuestras operaciones favorece nuestro prestigio, logrando así ofrecer productos de garantía de soporte y satisfacción.

Total Satisfaction

Our young spirit and our commitment to the environment has lead us to become an innovative company that cares about the client. We maintain the relationships we create during our process even after the sale, because the opinion of our clients is important to us it helps us identify new opportunities that will satisfy necessities and will create new business relationships.

Together we stand

In Menita, we are always concerned about environmental awareness and social problems. That is the reason why we are committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

We believe these are the first steps in changing the world we live in.